He said there are businesses set aside exclusively by law for Liberians, and that a CPP Government will not only enforce these laws but will provide additional opportunities and incentives for Liberians to succeed in business, sports, movies, literature, and other forms of arts.

Cummings said it’s a disservice and a national disgrace, for a government not to prioritize its citizens success, giving them false promise, that they will not be spectators in their own economy, only to end up throwing them outside the stadium.

“Every year, in a Cummings led administration, we will provide loan facility for Liberian women businesses. We will provide training, mentorship and other incentives to guarantee the growth and success of Liberian businesses,” Cummings said.

The CPP Standard Bearer said a CPP Government will support Liberian retailers to become importers, waiter market sellers become shop owners, and shop owners become store owners, in fulfilment of their dreams and hardwork.

Cummings made reference to his upbringing from Point Four and Fiamah, two slum communities, to ascend to the top of a global company and also his Vice Standard Bearer, Cllr. Charlyne M. Brumskine, a Bassa girl born in Yekepa, Nimba County, has learned so well and succeed, any child can succeed.

“In a Cummings-Brumskine administration, names, gender, religion and tribe will only identify Liberians. It will never be used to measure the capacity and potential of a Liberian to achieve anything they dare dream,” the CPP Standard Bearer said.

“After October 10, with your votes and election as President, we will support Liberian farmers to grow what we eat, eat what we grow and sell surplus to the world,” Cummings said on the official launch of the CPP campaign in Monrovia.


He said support to farmers will change from the traditional farming with hoe and cutlass to mechanized farming to boost food production and ensure food security.


“We have too long talked about going back to the soil and the green revolution. We have to act. We will make the required investments in agriculture and provide the necessary training in modern farming methods and technology,” Cummings assured.


He promised to move Liberia from an import-based economy to an Agro based export economy, that will add value to produce in agriculture, noting that “we will add value to our land, increase production, create jobs, increase exports and make Liberia food secure.”


He said a CPP Government, will strive to limit shipment of Liberia’s raw materials and instead aggressively push private sector investment to set up manufacturing plants to use “our cocoa to make chocolate, our rubber to produce medical gloves, condoms, and car tires, and our palm oil to make creme and other health products.” Cummings embraced a record crowd at the CPP Headquarters on Saturday, August 5 despite the heavy downpour of rain.


Cummings said his work experience in many countries, worldwide, enabled him to have built, managed and led teams comprising citizens of various nationals, noting that Liberians are smarter and hardworking and can achieve anything.


The CPP Standard Bearer said what Liberia lacks, is visionary leadership, with the right mentality to truly put Liberia and Liberians first.